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Plantforce Vanilla 400g


Plantforce is a vegan protein blend. Synergy Protein is a product line from Third Wave Nutrition in Denmark.

It's designed for the health conscious consumer who is looking for a vegan and raw plant-based protein powder with the highest quality standards, unique flavor, natural ingredients and pleasant texture.

Plantforce Synergy Protein contains plant-based proteins extracted from rice, pea and hemp, which makes it suitable for people who support their exercise regime with protein after work-out or when you only eat a smoothie for breakfast and need to add some good proteins.

The vanilla version is made with 100% natural flavor under the strict EU rules, and are naturally sweetened stevia leaf extract.


How to use: Blend 20 g of Plantforce Synergy Protein with 250 ml water - alternatively use rice, plant or nut drinks. NP Cares use it in smoothies.

Ingredients: protein from brown rice, pea protein (organic), hemp protein (organic), natural vanilla flavor, thickening agent: xanthan, sweetener: Stevia glycoside


Allergens: Gluten-free - Yeast-free - Lactose-free

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