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Liberty Blue Floral Anti Ageing Eye Mask


Are you worrying about wrinkles?

Are you sleeping with 100% dark every night?

Do you sleep with an eye mask?

An anti-ageing eye mask could help you. I adore my sleep mask from Holistic Silk. This is  a super deluxe version.

Using an eye mask very night helps you to protect and soothen your skin whilst blocking out the light.

Holistic Silk eye masks are made from lined in hypoallergenic 100% satin silk.

The masks are super smooth, light and sensitive. They help to protect delicate skin while you sleep.

Holsitic Silk call them 7th wonder due to the 7 luxury layers that go into to making it. This ensures you have the most delicate and lightweight of masks, whilst effectively blocking out the light.

The masks are filled with real lavender, to subtly fragrance the air, simply tie on and lie back to feel the benefit.


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