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King Coconut Water


King Coco it's made from mature, eight month old organic orange King Coconuts native to Sri Lanka. This maturity gives Clearspring King Coco water a smooth, mild slightly sweet flavour without acidity and each bottle contains the liquid of at least one coconut.

The difference from King Coco and other brands are King Coco is made from King Coconuts which are only grown in the Tropical Island of Sri Lanka while green coconuts are grown in lots of countries across the globe. Most other coconut waters come from unripe green coconuts which are harvested when they are just 3 – 4 months old and this is done to prevent more of the water turning into coconut flesh as it grows. 

Perfect to drink after sport, while travelling, the morning after a late night out or on a hot day when you are dehydrated. You can add it to your smoothie too. So don’t forget to put it in your gym bag, travel bag or back pack.


Size: 350ml

Ingredients: Organic king coconut water (100%)


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