Cotton Gold Stripe Eye Mask 001

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Cotton Gold Stripe Eye Mask


Problems with sleeping?

If your room isn’t completely dark, consider a sleep eye mask.

This beautiful eye mask is being completely effective at blocking out the light. Using an eya mask will increase your natural production of melatonin, which is not only a great sleep inducer but a great immune fighter as well. It's stress relieving and a perfect gift for insomniacs.

Let sleep prevail with this Eye Mask made from luxurious silk. Specifically created to help you to sleep more deeply and to boost energy levels for the morning. Filled with real lavender, to subtly fragrance the air, and lined in super smooth cotton velvet. Simply lie back to feel the benefit.

Perfect if you work at night and daytime light keeps you awake when you want to sleep. When you travel and want to sleep either en route or to reduce jet lag. Expect to have to get used to a mask in the first few nights.

Dimensions: 24cm x 12cm.


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