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Danish/Italian holistic nutritionist and health coach.

You can read more about Nicole on her Danish web site:

NP cares = Nicole Punzi cares about you, your health, beauty and our environment.

On this webshop you can order nice quality pure organic and vegan products I tested and can guarantee as a Nutritionist and Health Coach. If you have any questions about the products you are welcome to contact me:


After overcoming several symptoms and health problems herself, Nicole is determined to help others do the same via her holistic nutrition and health coaching practice.


Nicole has a very big heart. She cares about your health and the overall well being of Mother Nature. Through her daily life and routines, she strives to keep our planet clean, which in turn will assure our general health and happiness.


As a Health Coach and Practitioner Nicole wants to make a positive difference in her clients’ lives, while making sure that the products they use on a daily basis have the least negative impact on our one and only Mother Earth. This is attained through her “add-on” approach, a strategy by which new healthy habits are added to your life step-by-step, day-by-day.


In her daily work with clients Nicole is frequently asked where to get the products she recommends, such as quality oils, superfoods, teas, home accessories, skincare, toxin-free make-up, and candles. Her clients are looking for pure, effective, sophisticated, and good quality products to support and attain exquisite health.


Based on these many requests for products that are truly gorgeous, Nicole decided to open up her webshop NP Cares.


Through NP Cares, you are guaranteed CRÈME della CRÈME products from pure, amazing brands. All partners and retailers meet Nicole’s high standards required for organic and toxin-free living.


Nicole has done a lot of research on reusable and safe products. She uses and provides products that are:


  •          Biodegradable
  •          Non toxic
  •          No animal testing/cruelty-free
  •          Free of animal ingredients (except beeswax for the candles)
  •          Certified organic
  •          Health optimizing


Nicole is here to help you on your journey and she encourages you to choose better products - both for your own sake and for the environment.



HEALTH IS FOR EVERYONE - from the beautiful modern hippie with high heels to the stay-at-home mom who wants the best for her family. It is for the busy businessman traveling around the world with green juice in his hand and the strong “green” hunk giving and supporting his muscles and cells with the best and most nourishing foods.


NP Cares helps all these people attain healthy and glamorous cells and lives by making exquisite quality products accessible to all - without compromising (what? quality or health or the environment or what?) in any way.


Nicole’s mission is to help you get healthier from the inside out with clean non-toxic products that do no harm to either our environment or our bodies and make you feel great and energized by your daily beauty/grooming (for men?) routines and home practices.


Small Detox – what does it mean?


Small Detox simply means that you choose to use cleansingfoods and products in your everyday life. You do something good for your body daily, while you maintain your normal life. That way you have a clear conscience and you feel great, both inside and outside.


Small detox is not just what you put in your mouth. It’s much more than that, from a holistic point of view. It also covers:


  1.       How you think
  2.       What you choose to buy
  3.       How you act


Where did the concept come from?


The Small Detox is a concept created by Nicole. The words ‘small detox’ were born when Nicole started explaining to her clients how it is better to do a little detoxing everyday than no detoxing or a big detox all at once.  Small detox is adding good habits daily.


Why the words ‘small detox’?


Many people think they need to change their whole life all at once and they will lose out if they change to a healthy lifestyle.


By following and incorporating Nicole’s small detox strategy into your daily life, you can easily maintain your own habits to a certain extent and do what's right for you - at your own pace. This can be done, for example, by adding a good cup of tea, dry skin brushing or throwing some superfoods into your smoothie. Nicole is not here to judge you, but to encourage and support you on your unique journey.


Small detox is designed to be easy. You can easily adopt and apply small detox strategies to your life, whether you’re currently living a healthy lifestyle, a normal lifestyle or even an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the results are best and most profound when you choose/decide to live healthy and use pure, non-toxic products.


Enjoy your shopping at NP Cares and don’t hesitate to reach out to fill in contact info if you have any questions. Nicole is eager to help you and will get back to you as soon as possible.




“The best look on you is healthy”

– The Goddess Rebellion