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Jax Coco has coconut oil, water and chips. They are natural, pure, simple, stylish and modern. Try them out. NP Cares is the first dealer in Denmark, Copenhagen.

The Jax Coco company started in Asia.They wanted to produce the freshest and best coconut products in Asia. They get the coconuts from the Philippines. Where they are coconut water enthusiasts. The founders Jane, Jason, Alex and Max – noticed that while there were plenty of young coconuts there didn’t seem to be any coconut water products packaged for easy consumption.

Envisioning a product that could make coconut water more prevalent in an industry filled with sugary sodas and artificial beverages, the four coconut water devotees, who all incidentally had the letters J, A or X in their names, formed the Jax Team. 

Since that time, the Jax Coco concept has expanded and they created an international lifestyle brand that would transcend its Asian borders and look past the beaches and the palm trees that other brands propagate. 

The Jax team, heavily influenced by fashion, art and contemporary culture, wanted to present a re-interpretation of coconut water to the world that would feel modern and refreshing, and revitalize a simple ‘drink for life’ that has, for centuries, provided nutrition and hydration. This is why NP Cares loves Jax Coco. The story, philosophy and taste but most important the impact of health drinking coconut water. 

Enjoy and stay hydrated!


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